Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can feel your heartbeat...

So, I bought this new hair from NSD *BTW check them out, great male hair and even female if your into that look :)*

Ember and I, are rocking, some lingerie with an edge. We take traditional look for women for a spin, I'm more male looking but also soft and feminine and ember is very sexy and feminine but with an asymmetrical short hair style.

This pose reminds me of the song "No woman, no cry". Don't ever leave me ems! *clings like saran wrap*

Awes, we made up *snuggles* Luff you tew! :D *clings even harder*

The title of the post is based on this song, not a fan of the girl who sings with Enrique but in this song it works. It's soft and sexy.

If you want any questions about the items in the pictures leave a comment and we'll link the items your interested in. Otherwise, we're lazy so no style creds unless requested!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[PinkFuel] Elly Skin

I know this has been blogged to death but ever since the preview awhile ago with the leopard/rainbow eye make-up I've been awaiting these skins swearing off all other purchases of skins from everyone else. This skin is probably my favorite purchase in SL to date and I won't be taking this one off for some time even though I've been known to switch skins/hair/shape like a chameleon changes colors - I am in love with Elly!

I like to be pretty tan in SL considering I am nearly tan all year round in RL (thank you genes) but I like the soft look the pale skins can pull off as well so I thought "Chai" was the perfect middle ground for me. There are ALOT of bonus items included with each skin duo, I chose the "Pure/Angelic" pair for versatility reasons and personally - some of the make-up combinations were too heavy for my taste to justify buying the fatpack which I was originally going to do.

With each skin duo you get an amazing array of lip glosses and lipsticks that come with a teeth/noteeth version. Instead of showing you every single shade I did a single lip color in each product.

[PF] Elly - Chai - Freckles - Angelic
a. Doll Gloss - Tarte
b. Glam Lipstick - Bubblegum/Teeth
c. Juicy Gloss - Raspberry
d. Pop Lipstick - Jupiter/Teeth
e. Sheer Balm - Sherbert

Thursday, June 23, 2011

LOTD - Run the World

Hey y'all I've been doing the RL thing for a while so haven't been in SecondLife much at all but I was youtube surfing and came across Beyonce's Run the World and was inspired by the apocalyptic sort of vibe the whole video has along with mixing the soft lingerie and hard styling in the shoes/make-up/jewelry. Here's a quick preview of what I'm wearing and the styling card. xo

HAIR : Magika // Tess
LINGERIE : ~ Blacklace ~ [Diamond Hunt Past Gift] Black Lace & Pink Satin
BOOTS : Kboots - Black - XS
TIGHTS : Gawk! Black Nylon Tights Perforated A
JACKET : ::TOXIC KITTY:: Vixen Cropped Leather Jacket
TATTOO :: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Cracks Make Up