Monday, October 20, 2014

Creepshow, Freakshow!

Cupcakes Anonymous Events presents our first ever Creepy Cutie Carnival. My store *Tori-Tastic* is included in this event. All booths have at least one new exclusive item and one item priced from 0-80L (maybe the same item). Event runs from 19th to the 31st. There is also a surprise FREE gift at my booth, as well as some of the other stores!

My squiddy friend Jen helped me show off some of the awesome items offered at the event. She is rocking the the Front Dress in Pink Octupus from the Sugar Button Boutique, body is Utilizer 2.0 body and hair from Magika. The couple pose is {Oh My Goth} by ~Just Posing~, exclusive for the event and just 35L!

I have on the new subscribo gift from G*Field dress and hat for Halloween, the Keri hair from Ayashi (if you zoom in the skull on the bows is Jack Skellington!), my ouija board necklace is an exclusive from Neverwish for just 75L for the event, my pose is the {Cutie} pose from ~Just Posing~ only 15L and the exact pose I wanted for the event poster but couldn't find, my shoes are from Garbaggio as an exclusive for the event and the fatpack for the shoes is only 295L for 4 colors and multiple bow and eyeball options (she also has a matching ring and necklace) for slink High feet, my socks are part mesh frilly cuff and link stocking layer from SMC (came with a pair of shoes for just 50L at their mainstore). Pictures were taken at the event, feel free to take pictures at the event space if you like and tag us on flickr if you do! 

Psssttt: in the words of Blair "Pumpkin, Pump, Pump, Pumkinnn!!!"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Safety in Dreams

Dress: Junbug (@ the 30L Mystery Gacha Fair)

Horns: Contraption (Free gift!)

Hair: Clawtooth (Freebie from the past Hair Fair)

Shoes: L.Warwick (Freebie)

Close up of shoes, these are a very odd design so I jumped at the chance to wear them with this look.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Strange Weather

Couch by Lame. Furniture
Rug by [North West]
Pose by Flash Friendly Pose
Lingerie by Sn@tch (current fishing outfit) - Free if you already have the pole (has wowmeh, slink, and ghetto booty appliers)
Shoes by L.Warwick
Hair by Elikatira (Rumor)
Feet & hands by Slink (casual hands and mid feet)
Necklace by .Olive. (Radiant Necklace)
Mink Coat by Junbug (was on sale in the color Fawn for Fifty Linden Friday)

I like the coat because it reminds me of old Hollywood glamour but it is difficult to wear outside of pictures because my head and hair dips into the collar with my AO on. Also it is very difficult to wear mesh clothes underneath it and if you wear less skimpy clothes you look too bulky. So, this is more of a risque fantasy look. It's well made and fits nicely and I don't have the shoulder rigging issue that I have with almost all of Junbug's mesh dresses I've worn before.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping it Sassy!

The Fashioncentric hunt is going on and I grabbed a few of the goodies. I really like the hunt gift from Sassy! It's a bronze sequin mini halter dress. I paired it with some dark purple stockings I bought from Fishy Strawberry when they had a set of lingerie at one of The Dressing rooms a few weeks or so ago. If Fishy is selling lingerie at any event just buy it! Cuz it's always amazing and so sexy. I feel like this look is sexy but in a classy way, the garters and stockings add that little spice to what is a pretty sexy little dress to begin with. So grab this hunt prize while it's still out!

Limo to Sassy!

Always sexy, Seldom Blue!

Seldom Blue has a new lingerie set for only 1L and also a regular set with all the layers and corset for half off (175L) in Caramel color (creamy peach color). Seldom Blue also has some other freebies near the couches on a table and lucky chairs. Grab up these sexy little numbers ASAP!
And here's me rocking the lingerie minus the prim frill and the arm sleeves. Also wearing the new group gift from Truth hair. Love it! <3

Limo to Seldom Blue!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can feel your heartbeat...

So, I bought this new hair from NSD *BTW check them out, great male hair and even female if your into that look :)*

Ember and I, are rocking, some lingerie with an edge. We take traditional look for women for a spin, I'm more male looking but also soft and feminine and ember is very sexy and feminine but with an asymmetrical short hair style.

This pose reminds me of the song "No woman, no cry". Don't ever leave me ems! *clings like saran wrap*

Awes, we made up *snuggles* Luff you tew! :D *clings even harder*

The title of the post is based on this song, not a fan of the girl who sings with Enrique but in this song it works. It's soft and sexy.

If you want any questions about the items in the pictures leave a comment and we'll link the items your interested in. Otherwise, we're lazy so no style creds unless requested!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[PinkFuel] Elly Skin

I know this has been blogged to death but ever since the preview awhile ago with the leopard/rainbow eye make-up I've been awaiting these skins swearing off all other purchases of skins from everyone else. This skin is probably my favorite purchase in SL to date and I won't be taking this one off for some time even though I've been known to switch skins/hair/shape like a chameleon changes colors - I am in love with Elly!

I like to be pretty tan in SL considering I am nearly tan all year round in RL (thank you genes) but I like the soft look the pale skins can pull off as well so I thought "Chai" was the perfect middle ground for me. There are ALOT of bonus items included with each skin duo, I chose the "Pure/Angelic" pair for versatility reasons and personally - some of the make-up combinations were too heavy for my taste to justify buying the fatpack which I was originally going to do.

With each skin duo you get an amazing array of lip glosses and lipsticks that come with a teeth/noteeth version. Instead of showing you every single shade I did a single lip color in each product.

[PF] Elly - Chai - Freckles - Angelic
a. Doll Gloss - Tarte
b. Glam Lipstick - Bubblegum/Teeth
c. Juicy Gloss - Raspberry
d. Pop Lipstick - Jupiter/Teeth
e. Sheer Balm - Sherbert