Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Marketplace freebies!

~Make up~
Free eyeliner (sharp and smudged versions)

Super cute dollarbie pink dress from R.icielli (check out the rest of their stuff for some promos *not free, around 50L*)

Free t-shirt with a cat on it (check out their other stuff for more cheapies!)

Free flats in purple
Free flats in yellow

Free cute bunny slippers in pink and white

Free Black Eyes
Free Charcoal Eyes

Free steampunk skybox (Check out the rest of their stuff, they have more freebies and some cheap eyes *10L*)

Free house

Free barbed wire choker with a heart in the middle (color change) (They have more freebies)

Free stars tattoo (Much more free stuff and cheapies)

Friday, July 1, 2011

I dare you to!

I seen these stockings on one of the fashion feeds and thought I'd take a look at them in world. Thinking they'd be like 100L or so, well surprise, they we're 10L a pair and 100L for 22 color fatpack! I'm on a tight budget atm so I'm going back later to buy them. They also have poses, but they weren't my taste. But 25L for a pose and 100L to 200L for a fatpack isn't bad. I peeked into one of the rooms and seen some art. I almost passed even looking at the price cause this was original art, I thought it had to be 300L or so a piece *nothing against buying art in sl, I have friends that do it, but I'm just careful about how much I spend on one certain item. I rarely buy things that aren't on sale or are cheap. Well shockingly, they were FREE! They had seven pictures and 2 sculptures. I got all the pictures, the sculpts weren't my style. My only slight complaint is that they are no copy but mod/trans. I'd prefer copy/mod no trans so if I wanted another pic I wouldnt have to come back and also for the safety of the owner. When stuff is free and no copy/ trans some take advantage and go and buy 10 and sell them. Sad but true. All in all the pictures are worth the tp!

Limo to ..::DARE::..!