Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad influence? Me? NEVER :o

After a hard night SL partying me and Em's got virtually smashed and decided to pass out &puke in a toliet. Why was it on a beach? ermm cause its SL and it can be random like that ;)

Here's my screenies of the hot mess o.o *Taken at my store* Hoppy Bunnies! Marlen wanted to be in the pic lmao (Marlens one of our shop bunnehs ^^)

Damnit! Queen Guinivere has to steal the show...isnt it enough that she has King Arthur's furry lil <3 br="" nbsp="">

This was the only pic Lily would pose for...lil miss diva was tired of posing for the SLrazzi..even after we tempted her with carrot...she declined :o)

Marlen being the pimp he is loved posing with us xD

[0:58] Ember Hanly: "This is how you breed good buns"
[0:58] Ember Hanly: you let them smoke and drink haha
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: ermm that takes talent
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: he does both
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: AT the same time o.o

After we glitter puked till are virtual hearts content...we got bored, and started taking dirty pics for your sexyful enjoyment *yea you're welcome :P*

Me & em's getting frisky on the stairs, even when a step was half in my ass it was still hotness :x

Em's said this pose reminded her of a jean ad, hope we did it justice :o!

Em's was laying all sexyful on the bed I couldnt help but stare o.o *not stalkerish at all, righhhttt? Ok I fapped a little but can you blame me?

*Most of the poses are from {.:exposeur:.} ..They had a 50% off sale on props and 100L on fatpacks..which I believe ended tonight :o but still great stuff ^^

I'll give you better pics of my outfit and slurls later :o)