Friday, July 30, 2010

Out for blood :o

thought of a little story to go with my look..little different posting style...but hope ya still enjoy :o

He eyed her exposed flesh lustfully, as he snapped the pictures with exact expertise. Signing as he yearn to touch her soft smooth skin.

"I know what you want," she mumbled in a thick russian accent.

"I...I want to take your picture," he blushed and continued to snap away.

"No...I know what you really want, " she smiled at him softly, a mad glint in her eye.

"Come closer, and I'll give it to you", she moved her hand in a come hither motion, drawing him closer like a moth to a flame.

Planting her scarlette red lips to his neck, she could feel the pulse under her tongue as she licked along the flesh covered vein. Her nostils flaring at the intoxicating scent.

"You have no idea what you do to me..." she moaned, letting the aroma take over her senses and she plunged her fangs deep into his neck, the blood gushing over her tongue as she lapped at the wound. Blood leaking all over, the slick, hot, fluid driving her mad. Who knew photographers were tasty? XD

*hair *see zany hair link same creator also 1L*

*outfit *silkworms* was 25L or 30L not anymore

*vamp/blood tears * see past true love tat for slurl :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey baby, I'm a Rock star! So suck it! :)

I felt like something fun...and was inspired by rihanna's vid rockstar..and channeled her and joan jett/the runaways ^^ have to say I thought it was pretty bad ass...but lemme know whatcha think :o

in my epic rocker pose!

yea I'm playing it one right? lol

close up :o

close up 2...cause you know you wanna perv the goods ;)

*Hair (A&A Zany Hair Greens) Price : 1L on xstreet ^^

*bewbie tape - mine, template I bought me and I'll sell you it on 3 layers for 10L :)

* Zebra jeans in purple and suspenders Price: pants are free suspenders are 1L

*star tats Price: 25L

*chest tat *says "true love stories never have endings" if you were wondering* She also has some great sl 2 layers like teeth etc ^^ Price: 30L

*boots Price: 390L *worth every linden*

*poses Price: Free when I got them, think they cost now...not sure the price around 300L I think :o...try her mainstore in world for more poses

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad influence? Me? NEVER :o

After a hard night SL partying me and Em's got virtually smashed and decided to pass out & puke in a toliet. Why was it on a beach? ermm cause its SL and it can be random like that ;)

Here's my screenies of the hot mess o.o *Taken at my store* Hoppy Bunnies!

Marlen wanted to be in the pic lmao (Marlens one of our shop bunnehs ^^)

Damnit! Queen Guinivere has to steal the show...isnt it enought that she has King Arthur's furry lil <3

This was the only pic Lily would pose for...lil miss diva was tired of posing for the SLrazzi..even after we tempted her with carrot...she declined :o)

Marlen being the pimp he is loved posing with us xD

[0:58] Ember Hanly: "This is how you breed good buns"
[0:58] Ember Hanly: you let them smoke and drink haha
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: ermm that takes talent
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: he does both
[0:59] Victoria MacFanatic: AT the same time o.o

After we glitter puked till are virtual hearts content...we got bored, and started taking dirty pics for your sexyful enjoyment *yea your welcome :P*

Me & em's getting frisky on the stairs, even when a step was half in my ass it was still hotness :x

Em's said this pose reminded her of a jean ad, hope we did it justice :o!

Em's was laying all sexyful on the bed I couldnt help but stare o.o *not stalkerish at all, righhhttt? Ok I fapped a little but can you blame me? >.>

*Most of the poses are from {.:exposeur:.} ..They had a 50% off sale on props and 100L on fatpacks..which I believe ended tonight :o but still great stuff ^^

I'll give you better pics of my outfit and slurls later :o)

Friday, July 16, 2010

My boobies look better in CalWL

Is your SL like this? :s

Wanna make it look like this? :)

Forget facelights, theres a simple fix to the ugly default lightening in SL..its called...wait for it...Sky Settings *cheers*....

Heres how you get to it...

World > environment settings > sky settings

Then pick a sky present like I did (in the pick I used CalWL, I also like Bree's Appleblossom but CalWL is great for summer cause its more blue sky, Bree's is more pink!)

Or you can even make your own custom setting just remember to save and name yours. Only downsize is atm you cant save your sky setting preference, each time you log and relog it goes back to default (the first thing I do when I log is change my sky setting cause default is sooo ugly :s). But its a small price to pay for a better looking SL :)

Hope you found this helpful, its amazing how many ppl dont know about sky settings. And btw using sky settings to my knowledge doesnt use up more of your graphics card like turning up your graphic settings does. And Kisses to GoGo from Juicy Bomb for first showing me what sky settings were and how to use them ^^