Saturday, April 28, 2012

More marketplace freebies or cheapies!

*STFU mouth tape
*Septum Ring - 15L for three colors
*Dolly Heart lipsticks (love this one!)
*Arm tattoo sleeves
*Forgiven lower stomach tattoo
*Sheer pink lingerie  - 1L (they have tons more colors etc for 1L!)
*MESH dollarbie top! 
*Cute pink dress!
*Tamagotchi necklace - 20L
*Dress with hat - 15L
*Glassy blue eyes - 15L (they have more cheapies!)
*1 prim dog house - 10L
*Kawaii Geisha Blusher set - 1L

Please check out the rest of the items these creators have for more awesome stuff!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping it Sassy!

The Fashioncentric hunt is going on and I grabbed a few of the goodies. I really like the hunt gift from Sassy! It's a bronze sequin mini halter dress. I paired it with some dark purple stockings I bought from Fishy Strawberry when they had a set of lingerie at one of The Dressing rooms a few weeks or so ago. If Fishy is selling lingerie at any event just buy it! Cuz it's always amazing and so sexy. I feel like this look is sexy but in a classy way, the garters and stockings add that little spice to what is a pretty sexy little dress to begin with. So grab this hunt prize while it's still out!

Limo to Sassy!

Always sexy, Seldom Blue!

Seldom Blue has a new lingerie set for only 1L and also a regular set with all the layers and corset for half off (175L) in Caramel color (creamy peach color). Seldom Blue also has some other freebies near the couches on a table and lucky chairs. Grab up these sexy little numbers ASAP!
And here's me rocking the lingerie minus the prim frill and the arm sleeves. Also wearing the new group gift from Truth hair. Love it! <3

Limo to Seldom Blue!