Saturday, April 28, 2012

More marketplace freebies or cheapies!

*STFU mouth tape
*Septum Ring - 15L for three colors
*Dolly Heart lipsticks (love this one!)
*Arm tattoo sleeves
*Forgiven lower stomach tattoo
*Sheer pink lingerie  - 1L (they have tons more colors etc for 1L!)
*MESH dollarbie top! 
*Cute pink dress!
*Tamagotchi necklace - 20L
*Dress with hat - 15L
*Glassy blue eyes - 15L (they have more cheapies!)
*1 prim dog house - 10L
*Kawaii Geisha Blusher set - 1L

Please check out the rest of the items these creators have for more awesome stuff!

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