Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Tropicalia Bazaar

It's rare that you find nice cheap or free shoes in SL, period. And just so happens there is a FREE pair and a cheap pair at the Tropicalia Bazaar! Better hurry though, I think the event only lasts this month! 

Click the subscribo to get the shoes! Btw, I love how the Bazaar is decorated! Nice warm colors to go with the Tropical theme and all in all just nice. 

I seen these on the Seraphim blog and was in love. Gorgeous and 40L?! Can't pass that up. I thought it was cute that all the vendors were on top of these pillow/table cloth like stands, very neat.

Purple Moon, rarely disappoints. Since they began creating, they've really improved their quality drastically! I bought the necklace because the metal is color change and I love pearls. Earrings and a necklace of this quality for 65L is a steal! The dress looked kind of cute and it was mesh but not really my style (too baggy). However, I did like the print and peachy color. They really complimented the necklace. 

Single, but still want this so bad. Would be excellent for a roleplay or themed shoot. Gonna come back for it, *laughs* all broke now. Only 55L though! Wetcat always has reasonable prices and very nice quality poses. 

They had a little house near all the vendors, so I poked inside and seen it was the magazine headquarters. Very nicely decorated, I loved the magazine covers. Especially the vintage looking one with the girl in glasses. 

Bird is the word...Sorry couldn't help myself! All in all, really nicely done. I've shopped this event before and they always seem to have some goodies at low prices that I can't pass up. And lately it's taken a lot for to buy because I've been so broke and therefore extra picky. My inv is still a mess but I still buy *giggles* cuz that's what SL shopaholics do. 


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