Sunday, March 27, 2011

War of Sex(ies)...

As the Fairy Princess rested on her favorite rabbit in the whole kingdom, she tensed up sensing a presence, a evil presence. Then she felt the tip of a cold sword tap against her partially exposed behind.

"Eeep! What was that for? I didn't eat your cookies again bish" the princess quickly pushed the empty cookie container under the rabbit.

"You never learn do you?" the horned creature hissed.

"They are just cookies, chocolate-y and delicious but just cookies. I'll buy more, promise!" the princess smiled, trying to persuade the creature.

"You said that last time, and you ate all the thin mints last week. You know what this means"

"Oh god...Not again..." the princess sighed.

"Let's get ready to da-da-da-duallll..."

"We are NOT playing chubby bunny again, you had way too much practice with those hell beasts" softly giggled the princess.

"You had a bit of practice with those thin mints also" the beast smirked.


"Ok, so what's the dual this time?" the princess asked.

"Sexy pose off!" the rabbit suggested.

"Sounds good" the beast grinned.

"You go first" the princess panicked, trying to think of ways to pose.

"Your turn" the beast grinned, elated.

"Okies" the princess, struggled at first then posed naturally.

"So, who won?"

"Both of you! Now kiss and make up!" the rabbit exclaimed.

The princess looked at the beast/demon, and the demon looked at her. She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Kiss and make up ;o?"

And the demon and the princess, kissed...and kissed some more...and then had hot and delicious...cookies(perv you thought I was going to say lesbian sex).

The end ;o