Thursday, August 12, 2010

Willows whipping in the wind

Whoa, thats a lot of W's righhhht? :x...well I had to think of something better then sleepy and wanting to toss my kit kat, chick-fil-a, and vitamins up :s...

okies here's pics for you...for anyone who reads *ems ;)*

Here's my new look for now..I perved juicy bomb and gogo had these tattoo face layer deals from Tres Blah...well I went to check em out...they weren't really my style but I seen her skins, and was like tried the demo...and bought the skin in pale with the cherry makeup...I love red lips...I wanted the fatpack but I'll wait cause I'm a broke bitch atm :/...single skins are 600L or the fatpack for each skintone with all make ups is 4k each. Each skin comes with brow auctions and a tattoo freckle layer. I'mma gush and say I'm not a freckle fan but I tried this one and it adds to the look. The freckles are light and realistic, not over powering, very sunkissed/ almost irishy skin...I loves it and like I said I'm not a freckle fan but I'm feeling these freckles ;) only bitch cleavage layer...but I have a cleavage layer deal for all skins by ayumi...I used the pale and it worked pretty well

The hair is from magika....499L for a fatpack of hair in all colors are 199L for a set of one color *blondes, reds, etc* I was really impressed I love the hat...kinda hope she does a verison without the hat cause I love the hair period but might like a no hat options...and kinda wish the hat had other textures to choose from but black works with most looks...

MY necklace is from ripe, I think I got it for cheap I cant ready :/ lol

Ring is from mocha I think it was a group gift or either real cheap like 10L...

My tiny red hair bow is from my deviance snow white outfit doesnt come with the hair sowwies...the outfit (if your into costumes etc) wasnt too expensive I think in the 300's but for the detail is a bargain..I love deviance.

My top is from willow..I like her clothes they are simple and kinda summery/beachy/ the look I was going for...she's pretty reasonable priced...I think I paid less then 100L for the shirt not 100% sure..

I'm too sleepy to put slurl's just leave a comment if you need's some pics for your enjoyment...and the laptop posey is free from glitterati <3 a="" href="">